The Clevir Cloudify Engine virtualizes almost any legacy application in a secure way and is more cost efficient than traditional terminal services or VDI infrastructures. It integrates with our Workspace portal to act as a broker between the end-user and the available desktops and applications.
Our Cloudify engine includes deployment, brokering, desktop and RAM optimization as well as high-level integration with Microsoft, automated scheduling and extensive compliance. Virtualization module is standard; any other application virtualization tools can be added.


  1. Offer new unique managed services, ability to cross and upsell the ability to push new applications to your customers.
  2. Migration of client-server to cloud application without having to change the user experience.
  3. Quick & easy to deploy a complete set of business applications to an organization.
  4. Improve utilization of the datacenter and profits. Clevir enables higher density, higher performance and resilient workplaces.
  5. Clevir offers a migration path away from Citrix and VMware which dramatically lowers your current expensive licenses, hardware and implementation costs. TCO reduction of 50%.
  6. Full integration with Microsoft. Other back-ends are supported.
  7. Clevir Cloudifiy Engine can virtualise truly any legacy Application.



Clevir Application Virtualization

Use Application Virtualization to virtualize applications for best integration and centrally manage access to applications through AD profiles and user groups.
Clevir Provisioning and Brokering

The Clevir Engine offers the best provisioning tool in the industry. Our unique cloning method is extremely efficient & fast as we provision an “embedded clone” which is incredibly small resulting in very fast provisioning and low storage costs. Set a schedule based on unique needs of the customer and our engine will provision desktops and applications Just-In-Time to users connecting to the workspace. This allows on-demand pay-as-you-go pricing models. It also mitigates the need for large farms of “always on” (i.e. costly) desktops that are either full size clones or linked clones.
Clevir Optimization and Performance Acceleration

The Clevir Engine Optimization module deploys over 200 registry keys to optimize the performance of the workspace and improve the end-user’s experience.
The Clevir Engine offers unique internal memory management. It optimizes and manages Microsoft Windows, RAM, and disk IO patterns. The end user gains a fast experience while the administrator will notice an improvement in density of VMs/server, and a reduction in IO, cutting CAPEX by 50% while delivering the best end-user experience.