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Frequently asked Questions  |  Clevir Workspace
Can I use the Workspace Portal without the Clevir Cloudify Engine?
Yes! The Workspace Portal is an HTML5 web portal and can be used with ANY web enabled applications or services. If there are non virtualized or legacy applications that you wish to have remote access to, then the Clevir Cloudify Engine, (or any other application virtualization engine with provisioning & brokering) is needed. The Clevir Cloudify engine can connect to those backend solutions via TS / MSTSC.

How can I change the branding of the Workspace?
The branding of the workspace portal is change by altering and update the style sheet (CSS). You can also customize the stylesheet.Is the Workspace Portal Multi-tenant?
Yes, the Workspace Portal is multi-tenant and branding is possible on every level.Can the end-user customize the Workspace Portal?
If authorized, the end user can customize their personal the following features of the Workspace:
– change the background
– add a picture or pictures (your logo)
– add personal applications
– move applications between different groups
– add groups
– User Interface

How do I get the mobile UI?
The mobile UI is standard and does not require a separate url. Just open the url provided by your services provider on your device browser.

Is there a separate mobile for UI for the Clevir Workspace Portal?
No, the Clevir Workspace Portal does not need a separate mobile app as it has a responsive design, which has been enhanced and optimized for mobile use.

What browsers are supported by the Clevir Workspace Portal?
All browsers who support HTML5 can be used for accessing the Workspace Portal. We prefer the Chrome browser.



Which devices can be used?
End users can use any device, including rich clients (Windows desktops and notebooks), thin clients and even tablets and smartphones. The only requirement is an HTML5 compatible browser and, (at least today), a network connection.

How secure is the data transmission?
Data Security is our number one prerequisite. The Clevir Workspace secures the connection with an SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer). Clevir secures the data by encrypting all data, using 2048 bit and 4096 bit encryption.



Data Storage & Sharing

Where is my data stored?
The data is NOT stored on the device, this makes for an extremely secure and mobile solution. Data is stored using a file sharing mechanism either on premise (in the data center of the customer’s organization) or in the datacenter of the service provider (in the cloud), or a hybrid of both.

Can I still access my network drives of my organization?
Yes, you can still access the network drives of your organization when/if the administrator has granted permission.




How secure is the data transmission?
Again, Data Security is our number one prerequisite. Clevir secures the data by encrypting all data, using 2048 bit and 4096 bit encryption. The connection is secured using an SSL connection (Secure Socket Layer).

How are my credentials stored?
Your credentials will be stored in a Secure Password Store which will be attached to your Active Directory Profile.

Is Single Sign On / Single Sign Off available?
Yes. Absolutely. Based on Azure Identity Manager.




What is the Clevir Ecosystem?
The Clevir Ecosystem is a set of 3rd party services which can be easily integrated with the Clevir Portal and/or Cloudify Engine, to offer the end user a fully functional cloud workspace (e.g. Workspace, App Store, VOIP, Collaboration, MS Office applications) and a complete provisioning, brokering platform including Business Intelligence & Analytics, User Management, Application Life Cycle Management, billing for the service provider.

Which Products/Services are currently in the Ecosystem?
VOIP: Kwebble
Store: RES IT Store
User Management: RES Workspace
Collaboration: Skype for Business, MS O365
How is the licensing for the products & services arranged?
Licensing is typically done on a monthly pay-as-you-go, named-user basis.